The Diggers

Nutritious Food and Beautiful Floral Designs

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Our Farm

We are Hailey and Graeme Bekker located in sunny Grand Forks BC. We farm 25km up the Granby River from where it joins the Kettle. There we grow a wide variety of market veggies. Come visit us at the Grand Forks Farmers Market on Tuesday and Friday 8am -1 pm or the Rossland Mountain Market on Thursday evening. Or order your fresh produce from this website.



Our Methods

We grow regular annual vegetables using organic standards with a hope of transitioning to more permanent perennial systems. We want to build soil and grow the most nutritious food we can. We hope you can taste the difference in our food and we hope it will keep you happy and healthy!

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Our animals

We have a small herd of incredibly cute bunnies. They are our primary compost makers and Hailey's main source of distraction! We also have a small flock of Wyandotte chickens so will have some free range, organically fed, happy chicken eggs for sale this year.

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Dirt under your fingernails

If you would like to come garden for a bit we would welcome any help. We don't have a ton of experience but anything we know we would love to share. Maybe you are the one who will teach us a few things! Send us an email or give us a ring, we would love to hear from you.